How to save money on textbooks: A guide

A student who’s planning on starting school in 2019 might be able to save $5,000 per year by reading books on education, including the ones he or she wants to learn, according to a new study from the U.S. Department of Education.

Read moreWhat’s more, the study found that students who read the books, or a mixture of the two, spent more time on topics related to the subject and in a classroom setting, and reported higher levels of satisfaction with their learning.

As a result, the department recommends that students start reading books this fall and will publish a detailed report on the findings later this year.

Read MoreMore:How to save on textbooks – U.K. Education AgencyWhat’s in a title?

A lot, according the report, which found that a book in a subject area is rated on the following key factors:The number of syllabuses used for each subject area (50 or more)What the authors say the study shows:Students who read books on an average of 10 to 30 books a year reported more satisfaction with how well they did on the subjects they studied, and the books they read were more likely to focus on a subject or topic than other books they had already read.

Students who chose books in a mix of subject areas also reported higher scores on overall reading and math, and better overall grades and retention.

The researchers found that the books students chose for reading included:•Books about the history of medicine, including medical textbooks from 1815 to 1880, from 1900 to the present•Books on mathematics, science, and technology•Books that are based on a specific theme (such as the story of Noah’s Ark)What’s new in the report:The authors say they want to expand on the research to see if students who want to learn about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can find the books that best fit their interests and learning styles.

For instance, the authors of the report said they’d like to see researchers explore how reading and reading skills can be improved for students with learning disabilities.

They also hope to explore whether there are advantages to having a book or two on specific subjects, such as astronomy or medicine.

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The question that answers that question.

How much money do I need to save?

How much does it cost to save for school?

How can I pay for college?

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