Why is Google charging more for education than Apple and other major providers?

Google has launched a new app called “Learn Now” that offers access to hundreds of courses at $19.99 a month.

The app will be rolled out to students at Apple and others, but it has been launched on Google Play in India, the country that Google claims has the largest student population.

According to the company, about 2.4 million students are enrolled in this “learning experience” across Google Apps and its website, which are part of Google’s broader education portfolio.

Google says it has partnered with colleges, universities, and libraries to deliver these courses.

In a blog post, the company said it is “exploring other opportunities to help students and their families find and access these resources in India”.

However, the app has been flagged up as a scam by students who say they are not getting a fair price from the app and have reported issues with the platform.

In a recent post, students on a Reddit forum asked Google whether it was possible to pay more for online education, and if it would be possible to do so using Google Play.

In response, Google said that it would not be able to make such a request, and added that it has “strong ethical standards” that it follows.

Google said it would investigate the issues, but did not elaborate further.

While the app is not available in the Indian app store, Google says it plans to roll it out to other countries.

It also says that it is working on adding more content to its apps in India to help users find the courses.

“The vast majority of the courses are free to download and play, and are offered for free,” Google wrote in the blog post.

“Some of the additional content we are adding to the app in the coming weeks will include additional resources, such as in-person training, access to online resources, and other educational opportunities for students.”

Google says that the number of free courses offered by Google is increasing, and that “in the next few months, we will be rolling out additional free content, including additional content that is delivered in-app.”

Google added that “we are looking at expanding our partnership with schools and universities to include additional educational opportunities, as well as creating additional courses to enable students to explore more.”

Google also said that Google Play’s content delivery network will also support the app.

Google says that “most students will not have to pay a fee to access the app”.

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