Hayley McEnany: How to be a ‘successful’ teacher

Hayley is an award-winning teacher who has won multiple accolades, including the prestigious New Teacher of the Year award, the National Teacher of Year, the Independent’s Teacher of The Year and the International Teacher of Choice award.

She has also received a number of prestigious awards, including an MEng, a Fulbright and a BSc.

Hayley recently told the ABC’s AM program that her teaching is about more than just teaching.

She said: “What I try to do is give back to the community and I try not to let the things that go on in my life get in the way of my teaching.”

Hayley said she found her passion for teaching as a result of her experiences in a child development programme.

She described teaching as “one of those things where I can take a group of kids and be able to see how they can be as happy as possible, as happy in their lives as possible”.

“I’m so lucky to be able take the time to be around the kids who are struggling with this.”

I know they have the best teachers in the world but what I really want to do in life is just to be like my parents and to help these kids and help them in their life.

“She is a wonderful teacher. “

I think it is very rare that a person with that kind of passion is going to be sitting in a classroom,” she said.

“She is a wonderful teacher.

I think she’s so well-known for being a brilliant teacher, but I think the real secret to Hayley, is the kids.”

Hayleys husband, Chris, has also been an accomplished teacher.

Hayleys son, Austin, was recently named as a member of the New Zealand School Yearbook Class of 2018.

Hayles son Austin was named in the class of 2018 after graduating from a two-year university course.

Haylee’s work as a teacher has earned her the title of a teacher of the year at a number the New Zealander’s school.

Haynes son Austin told the Daily Telegraph in 2016: “I’ve always been interested in what I do.

I’m not just a teacher, I’m a social worker and I’m also an academic.”

Haylee is a graduate of the University of Otago and the University Of Wellington.

Hayes work has been recognised by the New South Wales Education Awards (NSEA) and the New York Teachers Union (NYTU).

In 2018, Hayley was awarded a New Teacher Of The Year Award from the New Teachers Association (NTAs) of New Zealand, which she also received for her work with young children.

Hayleigh also has two other children.

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