How the new Trump administration could have a significant impact on the sex education industry

The Trump administration is poised to make significant changes to the sex ed industry, and that could be bad news for some states.

The education department announced Thursday it is considering whether to allow schools to pay for sex ed services.

The move would come on the heels of a new federal law that requires schools to make sex education mandatory.

It’s also a move that could have far-reaching consequences for sex education in the United States.

The department is examining whether it can force schools to cover all sex ed costs, said an Education Department official who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The official did not want to be named discussing private discussions.

The Education Department declined to comment on the proposal.

The department’s decision would not affect the funding the Education Department currently spends on sex ed programs in public schools, such as Title IX funding and Title IX Grants.

But a change to how the department is funding sex ed could have big implications for states that already have a long history of funding sex education programs.

The states have been spending money for sex educator training and counseling, and in the past, they have also had to cover the costs of paying for sex educators.

The new administration has a record of prioritizing education, particularly in sex education, according to research by the Center for American Progress.

The Trump budget, unveiled in May, proposed a $54 billion cut to the Department of Education’s budget over the next decade.

That budget also included $3.3 billion in cuts to the state level of education funding.

The new administration is not proposing to reverse that, but it is proposing to reduce state funding for sex and relationships education.

States like Texas have been working with local and national experts to create an inclusive and respectful environment for students, educators and parents.

But sex education is a state issue.

The state is one of just six states that have no public school sex education program.

Texas’ policy in this area is to provide all students with an inclusive, respectful, respectful environment, which is where the state differs from the rest of the country, said Wendy Sorenson, director of the Texas Coalition for Sexual Health.

“It’s not just for boys,” she said.

“It’s about everybody.”

Sorenson said the state needs to create a curriculum that teaches students about sexual health, and about safe sex.

That means educating students about contraception, safer sex practices and other important information.

That means getting the facts about sexual activity and what it can mean to others, Sorensons goal is to ensure that all students get that information.

Sorenson also said the new administration’s proposed changes will be “a blow to the efforts we have made in recent years to promote sexual health and safety, including through Title IX and our Sexual Violence Education program.

We have made strides to protect and advance sexual diversity and inclusion.”

Sorensons office also noted that the Trump administration has made clear it will not be a champion of abstinence-only education, a popular curriculum in schools across the country that encourages abstinence until marriage.

The administration has not proposed any policies or funding for abstinence-based education programs in the state, Sorenson said.

The policy is not likely to be reversed, Sothos office said.

In other states, schools are trying to meet the Trump agenda.

In New Mexico, where the Trump budget called for eliminating a $2 million federal program, the governor said he is open to the idea of paying schools to provide sex ed.

“We can’t get into the policy stuff, but we do want to talk about it,” Gov.

Susana Martinez said Thursday.

“If we can come up with something that is consistent with what the Trump-Pence administration has proposed, I’d be open to that.”

A similar conversation is underway in Texas.

Last month, the Texas Republican Party issued a statement that called on state officials to ensure sex ed is covered.

“Sex education in our public schools is one area where we can do better.

We need to make sure sex ed includes a comprehensive, inclusive approach to sex education and to make it safe for everyone to participate in the sex and relationship education programs offered at every school in our state,” the statement read.

Soresson said it’s important for states to be open about their policies and the ways they’re trying to change them.

“We have a lot of power to change the policies that we’re putting in place,” she told Recode.

“So, as a society, we need to be aware of the policies we’re implementing and try to use that power to help make change happen.”

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