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The American College of Nurse Educators (ACNE) has released its annual report on the state of the nursing profession, and it is not a pretty one.

The ACNE is the largest professional association of nursing teachers in the country and is a member of the Association of American Colleges of Nursing.

But it is also a hotbed of controversy and controversy is what it is.

The organization was founded in 1966 to promote better training and better nursing education.

Its board includes the presidents of the American Medical Association, American College Nurse Practitioners (ACNP), American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy for Occupational Therapy, American Association of Nurse Practives (AANOP), American College for Advancement in Nursing (ACAPN), American Nurses Association (ANA), American Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ASCLS), American School of Nursing (ASN), National Council of Nursing Education (NCNE), American Nursing Colleges (ANAC), National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASPS), and National Association for Education in Nursing Professionals (NAEP).

So, what is the ACNE all about?

Well, the ACN is the most influential professional organization in nursing, with about 5.4 million members.

Its primary purpose is to advocate for better nursing training and nursing education, and to create a more diverse profession.

This includes advocating for teachers to be paid more and to be able to retire early, for better career progression, and for teachers in their early to mid-career years to be eligible for higher pay and to have more flexibility in the amount of time they are paid.

In the last few years, ACNE has become the primary voice of the profession in public and private health care, including a primary voice in the fight against obesity and related health issues.

Its president, ACNP President Carol Smith, has a long history of activism in the profession, including in the push for the Affordable Care Act and for Medicaid expansion.

ACNE’s membership includes about 300,000 teachers and their families, including about half of the members in the state.

There are over 300,00 nursing schools in the United States and they represent a broad range of professions, including nursing, primary care, clinical, and allied health.

As an organization, ACN has also played a leading role in lobbying against the Affordable Healthcare Act.

There have been more than 60 bills introduced by ACNE members in Congress since 2006, including the Health Insurance Access and COVID Prevention Act (HIPAA) and the American Lung Association’s (ALA) Healthcare Access to Medicare Act (HAPMA), and a number of bills that would have made it harder for Americans to get insurance coverage through employer-based plans.

As of last year, there were more than 6.5 million ACN members in state and federal governments.

The American Academy in Nursing and the Association for the Advancement of Nursing have been working together on legislation that would help combat the opioid epidemic.

These groups, along with ACN, are pushing for higher wages and better benefits for nurses, which would help protect the careers of nursing educators.

So, why are they all talking about nurses being paid less?

The ACN believes that nurses are underpaid, that the pay gap is widening, and that the ACA and other efforts to increase wages are not addressing the problem.

But there are many other factors at play.

There is no evidence that the higher pay levels for nurses are related to better training or to lower levels of obesity, and the ACNs research has not looked at the causes of the pay disparity.

For instance, one of the leading theories is that the compensation gap is related to changes in the number of people in nursing homes.

There has been a large decrease in nursing-home enrollments in recent years, which means fewer nurses are working in nursing facilities.

However, the researchers behind the ACNA’s report did not take into account this decrease and found that nurse enrollments were still growing in states with higher rates of obesity and chronic diseases.

In addition, ACNA and its colleagues have found that many employers are shifting to paid, salaried positions.

There were also some factors that influenced the pay disparities, including changes in nursing pay structures, such as shifts to less flexible schedules, which meant fewer nurses were needed.

Another issue is that nurses with high-needs, chronic diseases may not be able or willing to move to other positions in nursing because they may have to pay higher premiums or be forced to take on extra medical debt.

So there are some things that are going on that have contributed to the pay gaps, and there are other things that have not, which have caused the pay differences.

It is important to note that these are the factors that are not necessarily the biggest contributors to the lack of pay differences in nursing.

However the ACNN does not have a monopoly on what causes the pay inequality in nursing and

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