How to tell if your child is getting enough education

Parents have an option: They can opt out of school and go home and do their own thing.

But if they do go home, what will they learn?

This is where the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) comes in.

The NCES is an independent, non-profit organization that studies education outcomes.

The organization’s director, Linda Sirois, is a mother and an educator.

She has been working for more than 20 years to get parents to choose what they want their children to learn.

Siro, who is also a professor of education and director of the National Institute for Early Childhood Education, says parents need to make their decision based on what they can do to improve their child’s education.

Sirois says that in order for parents to take action to improve children’s education, they have to start now.

The first step is to understand why their child is struggling and what the answers are to those problems.

The next step is for parents and educators to work together to find the answers.

She says that if parents and teachers are able to identify what is going on, then they can work together and find ways to fix the problems.

If a parent or teacher can identify problems with a child’s learning, they can be asked to work with the child and the school district to make sure that the child is receiving the educational resources they need.

This is when the parent or school can take action.

To learn more about the NCE’s Early Childhood Literacy Program, visit the National Early Childhood Litigation Center at

In this segment, NCES Director Linda Srois explains how parents can take control of their children’s educational development.

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