What is Cory Booker’s education plan?

Newark, New Jersey —  Cory Booker has promised to expand access to charter schools in the city’s public schools and create an “America First” vision to build the city into the “world’s most innovative economy.”

But the Republican presidential hopeful’s new education plan is being widely criticized for focusing on the citys education system and not on the state of the nation.

Booker announced a $30 billion initiative to create and sustain the nations “next great teacher.”

In a press release, Booker called the $30 million to “strengthen our nation’s schools” and “streak the momentum” of his $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

“The goal is to create an American workforce for tomorrow and build our economy back up to full employment in 2027,” Booker said in the press release.

The state of Newark and the city are already among the top performers in the nation in terms of improving school performance, according to the report by the Partnership for New Jersey.

But some critics are questioning Booker’s plan to boost the city s schools.

Critics also point out that Booker has been a proponent of charter schools and believes they are a viable alternative to traditional public schools.

Booker has said the state should be “very selective about what we fund” in order to improve the quality of the education system.

Booker has also criticized public schools for being too close to their students, saying, “Teachers who work in the system are going to be in the classroom 24/7.”

Bookers plan to create a charter school system in Newark that will help expand the number of charter school schools in New Jersey and other states.

Newark and other urban centers are experiencing an exodus of public school teachers as schools across the country are closing due to a shrinking number of students and a decline in teacher quality.

According to the National Association of Head Start Teachers, about 4,500 public school districts in New York State and New Jersey were closed last year and about 8,500 in California.

In his announcement on Thursday, Booker said that he wants to “put millions of students to work” in Newark.

 “My plan is to bring thousands of teachers and support staff into the city of Newark to help create a new generation of teachers who are committed to the city and the state they live in,” Booker told reporters.

Bookman said he wants the new education initiative to focus on creating jobs for Newarkans and the “future of Newark.”

“Our goal is not just to help Newark stay competitive, but to ensure that Newark stays a city that is able to create new jobs, create new growth, and create new prosperity,” Booker added.

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