Which schools are the best in Australia for students?

More than 60,000 people from around Australia took part in the online survey of over 3,500 students across 13 Australian universities.

The survey, carried out by online platform Quizlet, surveyed students across Australia’s top universities on a range of subjects, from health to technology.

The top 10 universities were:Geelong, Western Sydney University, Curtin University, Geelong University, Griffith University, The University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Sydney University and The University to Adelaide.

The study also looked at what factors students found important in their academic performance.

Key findings:1.

Geelong is the best-performing university in Australia in terms of overall student satisfaction.

The university’s average score of 2.5 was the best among all universities surveyed, according to the survey.

The best- performing Australian university in terms: student satisfaction2.

Geography is the most important factor for student success, according the survey, with Geelong leading the way.

Geology students were more likely to succeed academically, compared to geography students.3.

Geographical factors such as location, family background and socioeconomic background are also important for academic achievement.4.

Geographies and geographic locations are also key factors for student growth, according students, and Geelong students are more likely than Geelong’s other students to achieve higher academic results.5.

Geocaching is the second-most-used online education platform, with more than 14 million registered users.

Geelong students ranked second in the country to Western Sydney students in terms, with a score of 3.5 out of 5.

Geographic locations were also very important for students, with the University of Adelaide ranked third.

Geocaching students were ranked fourth in the state of Victoria.

Geoscience students were the most likely to have completed a science or maths degree at Geelong.

Geo-education was the second most popular online learning platform among students from the United States, with 18.4 million registered students from that country taking part in QI Australia’s online survey.


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