‘Capital Education’ video is the new ‘Capital’

The new “Capital Education” video is one of the most viral videos of the year, according to The Huffington Post.

It features former school officials who have taken the lead on solving the problem of failing schools, while also talking about the benefits of investing in schools.

“Capital Education,” which is a collaboration between the U.S. Education Department and Capital Education, a nonprofit that helps schools succeed, was created in June and debuted at the 2018 LA Education Expo.

The video is based on the idea that education is “the greatest engine for growth,” according to Capital Education CEO and co-founder Michael Nissen.

The video features former Los Angeles School District Superintendent Michael Niskanen, former Los Angelenos for Education Executive Director and current Los Angeles County Supervisor Joe Buscaglia, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and former Education Commissioner Ed O’Brien.

“I can honestly say that the people who have been so vocal about this, they’ve actually created a new voice in education,” Niskonen told HuffPost.

“This is a new generation of leaders in education.

And the people are listening.

The teachers are listening.”

The video, which premiered during the LA Education Summit, was the first public video ever created to address the problems of failing education.

“When you see what’s happening to our kids and how they’re being impacted by failing schools — and you’ve got to say it’s really bad, that it’s not just a symptom, that you’ve seen this before — you know, it’s the root cause, the root problem,” Nissanen said.

“And the way to change it is to make sure our kids have the best education possible.”

In addition to highlighting the positive effects of investing into schools, the video also takes a deeper look at the problem and shows the solutions that would be most beneficial.

For example, in one scene, Niskunen talks about how to solve a problem by taking a group of kids and teaching them together.

“I was able to build a group that was very, very, extremely strong,” Niscanen says.

“You just have to put them all together and you’re going to be a winner.”

Another clip from the video shows Niskinans efforts to make a classroom of kids.

The students are divided into groups of five, and the teacher teaches the group one lesson per week.

“If you look at a classroom, you see that the teacher is always there,” Nisky says.

The teacher says the best way to solve problems is to give every student the best possible opportunity to succeed.

“That’s the most important thing,” Nisksay says.

“If we can have an environment where students have the right opportunity to make mistakes, they can make mistakes,” Nisksays.

“The best thing is that you have a community where they have the opportunity to learn, where they can grow and where they’re going in the right direction.”

The videos are part of a larger effort by Niskanyans organization to get more children involved in the school system.

Niskanonis website, CapitalSchool, is a platform for parents to connect with their child and ask for help with their school’s problems.

The site has a goal of reaching 100 million users within five years, with over 2 million people enrolled so far.

Nissin said the organization will be releasing a new video every week to raise funds to help fund more capital improvements to schools.

“We’re looking to make that $2 billion goal,” Nislis said.

“It’s really, really exciting,” Nihanen added.

“It really brings home that what’s possible is really incredible.”

The new video is a direct response to the recent mass shooting in Connecticut, in which six people were killed in a school.

The attack was carried out by a man who was identified by the FBI as the suspect.

Niskanens organization, Capital Education has made an effort to get teachers involved in helping kids succeed.

In April, Nisss organization hosted a “Kids and Teachers” panel in Washington, D.C. where Niskans and others spoke about their experiences working in schools and how teachers can help students succeed.

“We’re really, very proud to see this kind of leadership from the leadership of Capital Education and how the teachers are able to support the efforts of this organization,” Nisek said.

The “Capital School” video has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with many fans tweeting and posting comments on Niskens work.

The reaction has also been overwhelming, with hundreds of fans taking to Twitter and Facebook to share the video.

In addition, Capital Educators own, The Capital Schools Group, released a new campaign to raise awareness about failing schools and improve schools in California.

“For years, California has been the leader in failing school outcomes. But

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