How Apple can help OSHA fix safety standards

Apple can save a lot of money by changing how its products are manufactured, according to a new study.

The nonprofit organization OSHA has been trying to reform its manufacturing practices since 2010, when it filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for alleged labor and health hazards that have plagued its devices.

OSHA said in a news release that it is now focusing on how its devices are manufactured in order to better protect workers, consumers and workers at manufacturing facilities in China.

OSHAs goal is to improve safety standards for the manufacturing industry, OSHA spokesman Scott Bock said in an interview.

In an effort to meet this goal, the nonprofit group last year launched a pilot program that offered a free consultation on how to improve its manufacturing processes.

The goal is for the program to be fully rolled out by 2018.

Bock said that OSHA also plans to create a public-private partnership to address issues of labor safety.

The organization has previously worked with a company to develop a plan to improve labor safety in the manufacturing sector.

OSHE is also working with a Chinese company to create an educational program to help OSHSA workers learn how to better manage and improve their safety and well-being.

Bocks statement came on the same day that the National Retail Federation announced a $50 million fund aimed at helping to create more OSHA-certified manufacturing facilities, including those in China, and the manufacturing of OSHA’s “Safety Ready” devices.

The group said that the money will help to “support the development of new manufacturing processes that can meet the needs of OSHAS safety and worker protection needs.”

In the past, the National Association of Manufacturers has supported OSHA in its efforts to improve manufacturing safety.

In a statement, the group said its members support OSHA and that the goal of OSHE’s Safety Ready initiative is to “strengthen our manufacturing safety capabilities and increase the quality and efficiency of our products.”

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