The New Yorker, ‘Ivanka Trump: The Untold Story’ by Peter Travers

The New York Times’ Peter Traves joins me for this week’s podcast.

Peter was the author of the book ‘Ivankas Book: The Unauthorized Oral History of Donald Trump’s First Daughter.’

He’s also the author and editor of ‘Ivana: The True Story of Ivanka Trump.’

He joins me now.

Thanks for having me.

Peter Traver: Thank you for having us.

I appreciate it.

I’m happy to have you with us.

Peter, I’ve just got to ask you, what is the story behind this book?

What’s the point of this book at all?

What is it about Ivanka Trump that you wanted to tell us?

Peter Travers: Well, I wanted to write a book about a very real person in the world, and I wanted it to be a true story.

It’s really not an attempt to be any kind of biography.

I wanted the story to be as much about Ivanka as it is about Donald Trump.

And it’s a very personal story.

I mean, Ivanka Trump has had her share of ups and downs, but her life was built on a foundation of her father’s success.

Her father was able to build a business empire.

Ivanka was born in 1975 and has been married to Donald Trump since 1988.

And she’s been the mother of two children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.

But in the book, I don’t think I’ll be able to focus on that.

I will talk a lot about her mother, and her father.

But I do want to talk about Ivanka, because she has this amazing power, this ability to create a lot of different opportunities for her children, both as a person and as an entrepreneur.

And that’s what the book is about.

It is not a memoir.

It does not contain every detail about Ivanka.

I want it to speak to Ivanka’s story.

So the first question is: What does the book tell us about Ivanka?

I was going to say the first two books in this book, because they’re two different books.

And I’ll have to ask again, what’s in this one?

And then the book that you’re talking about.

The book that I’m talking about, the book called ‘Ivajas Book,’ the book about Ivanka is a memoir, and it’s published by Random House.

I think it’s called ‘The Ivanka Trump Story.’

But it’s also a memoir by Peter and published by Penguin Random House, which is a big name in the publishing world.

It has over a million copies in print.

And there are three books in the Penguin Random book series.

The first book is called ‘Vladimir Putin’s First Kiss.’

And that was a book that Peter wrote before he left the State Department, so he has an enormous amount of material about him.

And the second book is a book called The Donald Trump Story, and this is the book where he talks about his life as a businessman and a businessman, which I think is what the title suggests.

It was published in 2000.

The third book is ‘Ivans Book.’

And it was written by a former State Department official who is the daughter of a former vice president.

I don, at this point, have a name for this book.

I can’t tell you what it is.

But the title of this, the title is ‘The Trump Story.

And, by the way, it’s really really good.

And really, really funny.

It speaks to Ivanka and her life.

But also it’s not an autobiography.

The story is about Ivanka and it was about her and her family.

But it was also really a memoir about her father, and that is why I wanted this book to be called Ivanka’s Book.

Peter Traves: The book is not called a memoir?

Peter: No, the name of the author is Peter Travell.

He’s a journalist, and he’s the author.

Peter wrote the book with his wife, and we got together to write it.

And we put it out in a lot more than we initially planned.

But basically, what it was is a history book, and Ivanka is the mother.

And Donald Trump is the father.

And he has a history.

And Ivanka has this incredible ability to bring the family together and connect them.

And also to make it work.

So she was able, in her early years, to connect the family, and she was very good at it.

She was able at the beginning of the marriage to have her children in the same room together.

And then when Donald Jr., who was born a year after Ivanka, got older, he realized he didn’t want to go into politics, and they were both working in the private sector.

So Ivanka was able — she was really able to get her children involved in politics, because Donald was already working in politics.

So he had his own campaign.

And so Ivanka became a very important figure

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