What to Know About Tara Westover’s School and Why It’s Still a Top 10 School

Tara Westovers School is one of the schools listed on the list of 100 Best Public Schools in the United States.

Westover, the founder and CEO of education startup Udacity, has worked to improve education for underserved students and students of color.

She founded the school as a way to bring in a diverse student body and create a place where her students could be educated in a supportive, supportive community.

It’s the result of her work in education, and she’s seen first-hand how education can impact students of all backgrounds.

In the years that Udacity has been open, Westover has witnessed first-timers of all types in classrooms.

She’s seen students of different backgrounds thrive and thrive and grow in ways that would have never been possible before.

She was inspired by students of diverse backgrounds and the school has been an example of what education can achieve.

Westover and her students have received scholarships and awards from various philanthropic organizations.

Westovers current goal is to bring her school into the top 10.

The school has recently been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Schools in America, and was selected as a top 10 school in the state of Washington by the University of Washington.

Wests family has been working to raise funds for the school, but this will be the first of many fundraisers and events to come to help raise funds to help the school.

The fund raising effort will begin on March 2 and will run for four weeks.

It will culminate with a graduation ceremony on March 25, and the first students will begin their education in March.

The event will also include a special presentation on education and a scholarship for a student who needs it.

West’s team is working hard to raise as much money as they can and we hope to see them all raise over $20,000.

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