What you need to know about the Hunters Education Law

Educators and hunters will soon have to decide if they will be allowed to teach hunters and trappers how to hunt and fish.

Education minister Nick Smith has promised to introduce a law next year that will allow educators to teach hunting and fishing skills to students, but this is a matter for the states and territories.

He said the legislation would allow schools to introduce new skills to young people, including new methods of teaching.

“We are going to bring a law in to make sure that this is something that is part of the education system in this state and in this territory,” Mr Smith said.

“There’s no doubt that it will help us to keep kids involved in the sport, it will be part of a broader education system.”

He said schools would be allowed under the new legislation to provide teaching opportunities to children from the age of three to 14.

“I am sure that schools will be able to do that, but the question is, do they want to do it?

Are they willing to do the work, are they prepared to do some of the work?” he said.

Mr Smith said he would work with states and territory governments to develop a model of teaching skills to children that would enable them to be a successful hunter or trapper.

He also said the new law would not change current laws about how to teach students hunting and fish, such as prohibiting the sale or purchase of fish, or restricting the number of fish caught in one year.

Mr Robinson said he believed the education laws would help educate young people to be successful hunters and fishers.

“It’s about putting people in their place and teaching them the skills,” he said, “and having them be successful in those jobs.”

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