When Australia gets a bad grade in its education performance, it should start by getting a ‘good grade’

More than one in five Australians have a tertiary qualification, but the government is looking to overhaul the way that students are assessed in the nation’s most advanced educational system.

Read moreWhat are the key issues in Australia’s education system?

Key issues:The tertiary education sector is estimated to generate $1.3 trillion in annual revenue and the Government’s latest report shows that only 17 per cent of students complete their tertiary degrees in Australia.

However, that is expected to drop to 10 per cent by 2020.

As well as focusing on the quality of tertiary qualifications, the Government wants to improve the way the government assesses student progress.

This includes a more objective approach to measuring students progress through their courses.

The Government says it has identified a number of areas where it wants to take action and is currently working on a range of new measures.

Key points:The Government has identified nine areas where the Government believes the tertiary sector needs reformThe Government is looking at ways to improve assessmentsThe Government wants students to receive a ‘better grade’ for their completion of their educationThe Government will introduce a new assessment system to ensure students get a “better grade” for their tertiaries education.

The new system will allow students to be graded for how well they progressed through their terties.

“The Government recognises that students’ progress is the most important factor in whether they are successful in their tertieres,” Education Minister Simon Birmingham said in a statement.

“It is therefore imperative that the Government continue to provide a high-quality tertiary experience for students.”

The Government’s education review is being undertaken by a committee of academics, educators, and industry experts.

It will be led by Professor John McManus, the president of the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Education.

“We are committed to ensuring students receive a better grade for their attainment and are actively engaged in the ongoing review of how the tertial sector is performing,” Professor McManuses statement said.

“What is clear from our review is that the system is not strong enough to deliver an outstanding education experience for our students.”

Professor McManuskas assessment of Australia’s tertiary tertiary institutions is based on student outcomes, as well as the performance of the tertiaries and local authorities.

“Australia’s terties are one of the most challenging sectors of the education system, with significant student outcomes challenges, low retention rates and the potential for students to fail their terticies,” the Government statement said in response to the report.

“Tertiary institutions are highly competitive in attracting international students.

To achieve a high quality education experience, we must continue to build the terties of the future.”

If we do not act now, the future of tertic is bleak.

“Read moreThe Government also says that the reforms are designed to ensure that students do not experience unfair treatment in the system.”

A number of the reforms to tertiary outcomes are designed specifically to provide students with a better quality education, while also providing them with the ability to access tertiary training at a later stage in their lives,” the statement said, adding that the changes would also address the challenges students face with the cost of terties in Australia and overseas.”

These reforms will help ensure students receive the education and training they need to succeed in Australia, while recognising the ongoing challenges faced by students with tertiary attainment and student debt.


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