‘Beware of a government in crisis’

‘We are now witnessing a government that is in crisis.

It is not a democracy.

It has no sense of morality, no sense that people are capable of understanding the situation that they are in.

It does not see the need to learn from history or its mistakes.

The government in power now is in a state of crisis,’ says Ashutosh.

‘If you look at history, in this country we have seen such a collapse.

We have witnessed it with such rapidity.

In this country, a country that has been governed by the Congress for 30 years, we have witnessed a massive loss of life, an unimaginable loss of dignity.

This is a country where the ruling elite is completely ignorant of the facts and facts are being distorted to make a political point.

This government has lost control of the situation, it has lost all the credibility of the nation, and is unable to govern.

The people are feeling betrayed by the ruling class, by the media, and by the party leaders.

They are desperate for change.’

Ashutosh is one of a handful of people who have been on a hunger strike at the Government’s office in New Delhi.

He says he wants to be the first person to die in protest over the killing of three young Dalit women in September this year.’

The way that the government is behaving now is so dangerous, the whole of India, especially the capital, is on edge,’ he says.

‘We need to take our protest to the streets.

The entire country is on the verge of civil unrest, and it is our duty to stand up for democracy.

We are here to protect democracy.

This will not be easy, but we will do our best.’

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