Education system in Chile suffers $100m shortfall

Chile’s education system has experienced a $100 million shortfall in the past three years, according to the board of education.

The board’s report was made public Wednesday, two days after President Michelle Bachelet announced a $300 million package to bolster education.

The board of the Chilean Federation of Teachers (CFTE) said it was “extremely disappointed” that the government did not act more quickly on its deficit plan and called on Bachele to provide an additional $100.4 million in funding to the education system.

The state-run education agency, Chile National University (CNTU), also announced a budget shortfall in June of $7 million.

The teachers union, which is leading the campaign to raise the minimum wage, called on the president to provide more money to teachers in the country.

“The state should increase the minimum salary, the amount that will be paid to teachers,” CFTE President Enrique Cienfuegos said in a statement Wednesday.

“We demand an increase in the minimum wages for teachers.”CFTE members also plan to hold a rally on June 28 outside of the president’s residence, in front of the government building, to demand a higher minimum wage.

The government plans to hike the minimum pay in Chile to a maximum of 50,000 pesos ($2,300) per month.

The union is calling for a minimum wage of at least 100,000 per month to compensate for the shortfall.

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