How to take advantage of free WiFi in your school’s classrooms

We can’t wait to see the new features coming to Windows 10 Education on June 30.

Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 will soon be available in schools as a free update to students across the world.

In the meantime, students in some schools will get the same free WiFi features as those in other countries.

To learn more about the free WiFi feature, we asked for a quick guide on how to take full advantage of it in your local school.

We’re not going to cover everything in this guide, but you can learn more here. 

To get the free Windows 10 education update, you’ll need to go to Settings > Update & Security > Update Now.

In Windows 10’s new Settings menu, you can find two new options: the Windows 10 update option, which lets you install the free update directly from the Windows Store; and the Education Update option, allowing you to download the free upgrade from Microsoft’s servers.

If you opt for the Windows 10 Update option and then download the education update from Microsoft, you will get Windows 10 Pro, which comes with the same features and performance improvements that the free version offers.

Windows 10 Enterprise offers a more traditional upgrade to Windows 8.1, which includes the same improvements that Microsoft has built into Windows 10 for Education.

You’ll also get the full Windows 10 Experience, which allows you to manage your PC in a more streamlined way.

You can download the Windows 9.0 update from the Microsoft download site, which will give you a few additional improvements to the Windows operating system, but not the full suite of features you’ll get in Windows 10.

For more information about Windows 10, check out the Windows Insider Program.

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