Trump administration proposes $50 billion in cuts to public education

The Trump administration is proposing $50.5 billion in federal cuts to the public education sector as it seeks to make the public schools “more efficient.”

The administration is also proposing a $1.1 billion reduction in the number of public schools across the country, and is proposing a 25 percent reduction in state funding for public education.

The cuts to education funding will be made through the Department of Education’s budget proposal, released Thursday.

The proposal is intended to help address the nation’s rising educational debt.

The Department of the Interior is responsible for funding public education in many of the states that are receiving federal aid, including Arizona, California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The proposed cuts include:Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed a total of $50,929,906 in federal funding cuts, which are primarily due to cuts in state aid.

The Education Department will reduce its $1,000 grant program by $4,000, or 7 percent.

This would eliminate the current $1 million grant program.

The proposal also calls for the elimination of the Department’s Community Schools Assistance Program and the $1 billion Community and Education Partnerships program, which helps states provide additional funds for students who need financial help to attend schools.

The plan also calls on the elimination or reduction of federal grants to states that have adopted certain Common Core standards, which would make them eligible for the Education Department’s grants.

These standards require schools to teach students the concepts of “critical thinking” and “common sense” and teach about social and economic equality.

The administration also proposes a $100 million cut in funding for education centers.

These centers, which provide support to parents in schools, are located at schools that have been designated by the Department as high risk or critical.

They offer instruction in a variety of topics, such as health, nutrition, and social justice, but also help students navigate school and community issues.

DeVos also wants to eliminate these centers.

The education budget proposal also includes a proposal to make teacher training and certification programs for public school teachers a priority for the Department.

The budget would also make teacher and professional development programs a priority.

The president proposed a $5 billion investment to improve teacher training for teachers.

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