How to be a teacher in the UK

Gulf coast teachers are not the only ones getting a boost from Brexit.

The UK’s Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has made clear that he intends to “bring more people into the profession”.

But what do Gulf Coast teachers need to do to get ahead?

According to an article in the Gulf Times newspaper, which is part of the UK’s largest Gulf-based media organisation, there are some key things that teachers need.

First, they need to become more aware of the political climate and its impact on education.

“Teachers need to take note of the general political climate that has shaped the profession since Brexit,” the article explains.

Second, they must understand that the “political environment” they face may differ from the UK.

“The UK has been described as a country of extremes, where a politician who is on the right or the left of the government can make the difference between life and death,” the Gulf newspaper reports.

“But the same can be said of the Gulf Coast, where there are extremes in politics, economics, culture, religion and even sport.”

The Gulf Coast has a lot of its teachers living in poverty, with many struggling to make ends meet.

“It’s a tough life, with a lot at stake, and a lot to worry about,” one teacher told the Gulf paper.

“I think it’s important for teachers to think about how they can be part of an open society that is welcoming and open to change,” the teacher added.

It’s not just Gulf teachers who will be affected by the Brexit decision, according to Al Jazeera’s Kate Fain.

The British government has promised to invest in teaching in the region, with the Gulf Council of Education pledging to double its funding for 2018.

“We will be able to provide the kind of teaching that the country needs,” said a spokesperson for the Gulf council.

“That includes more support for teacher training and additional opportunities for women and ethnic minorities.”

The spokesperson added that the organisation was also committed to supporting the education system in the area.

Theresa May has also made it clear that she will be looking to strengthen the Gulf relationship with the UK as a whole.

“Our relationship with Britain is not only one of economic and trade, but also one of mutual respect, shared values and a commitment to working together in the interests of our children and grandchildren,” she said during her speech at the Gulf Institute in March.

“As a member of the EU, I can confirm that I will continue to work closely with the British government on this important and very important matter.”

Read more from Al Jazeera: Why do Gulf states support Brexit?

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