The AOC Education Foundation: ‘We want to have our own children’

The Aoc Education Foundation is planning to build a new centre on the former AOC campus at Navan and is considering the construction of a new building on the site.AOC’s former campus at Ayrshire, which has a school and offices, was closed in 2015, but it is still open to teachers, administrators and students.

The foundation is now planning to open a new facility, which could be the centre of its own education scheme.

The centre is currently a vacant property.

A spokesperson for the foundation said that the centre would be a safe, welcoming space for children.

It is also currently in the planning stages, and a spokesperson for AOC said that it was looking to open the centre in the next three to four months.

The spokesperson said that a decision had not yet been made on a specific location for the new centre.

A spokeswoman for the AOC also said that there were plans to develop a special education centre on Navan.

She said that AOC is keen to develop an inclusive environment and work with schools, parents and other partners to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for children from the early years to their late 20s.

She added that a project to develop special education spaces at the site had been underway for some time and would be coming to fruition in the coming months.

A report into the building of the new facility was commissioned by AOC in February.

The report concluded that there was “significant demand” for the centre and that the facility should be a hub for learning, support and learning opportunities for young people.

It also recommended that there should be “a strong and cohesive education and learning experience” in the centre.

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