When ‘The Hills’ became ‘The Next Generation’: ‘We had the audacity to make a film about a bunch of nerds’

MTV News is reporting that “The Hills” may not be dead.

The network’s parent company, Viacom, is reportedly considering resurrecting the film franchise as a feature-length animated feature.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture noted that the network was exploring the possibility of re-teaming “The Rock” and “The Real World: America’s Next Top Model” stars.

The series has been rebooted four times, including in 2018, when it was re-titled “America’s Next Most Beautiful” and rebranded as “America: The Next Top Models.”

“We are exploring ways to continue this unique partnership, including a possible feature-film treatment, and have made a strong pitch to Paramount to be a part of the process,” the company said in a statement.

“The idea of resurrecting ‘The Rock’ with ‘America: Next Top models’ stars is a really exciting prospect.

But, at this time, we are exploring a different direction.”

Vulture previously reported that Paramount was considering a potential series, but had no further information to share at this point.

“We want to make ‘The Real News,'” Rock star Nick Cannon told the publication.

“There are so many people who can make this movie.

We’re not going to go back to the ‘Real News’ movies.”

“The Hill” was revived last year after the network canceled its previous live-action film version.

Rock star Adam Sandler and “America” star Kelly Osbourne are also reportedly attached to return as characters.

Vulture reported that Rock star Ben Stiller has also been in talks with Paramount to make an appearance in the film, although the actor has not yet signed on to the project.

“America is the first film in the series, and it will be filmed in Los Angeles, where we shot ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Sucker Punch,'” Vulture quoted a source at the network as saying.

“But they are very much interested in having Ben and Kelly play the roles of the Rock and The Real World, and this would be a great way to show them how that’s done.”

The show, which was originally set to premiere in 2018 and be the first live-comedy series to air on MTV since “The Big Bang Theory,” was cancelled after just two seasons in October 2018.

Rock stars Nick Cannon and Ben Stilla will play Rock and Real World characters in “America,” which is set to debut on VH1 in February 2019.

Viacomo’s Viacome has also reportedly been discussing a possible reboot for the series.

“Our hope is that a new, fresh series will be born from the ground up to address the cultural and educational challenges facing young people today,” Viacum said in the statement.

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