‘I have never seen a team with more players than the Milan side’: Juventus beat Genoa

It is a season that was supposed to bring the return of two legendary names, Antonio Conte and Gianluigi Buffon.

They have both been absent from the first four matches, having been on the sidelines with injuries, but they were all back on the field at the same time.

Juventus took the lead with a free-kick from the right, but Genoa had a shot saved by Zlatan Ibrahimovic before the break.

Genoa went on to equalise on a long-range shot from outside the box.

The home side did well to stay in the game and they made it 3-3 on 65 minutes.

Zlatac Ibrahimovic (right) celebrates his goal with Antonio Conseco (centre) and Francesco Totti (right).

Juventus scored two goals in the last five minutes, first through Alessandro Florenzi’s goal, then after the break, Zlatanic Ibrahimovic’s second goal.

Zlatic Ibrahimovic has scored two of his five goals this season.

Juve went on the attack for the rest of the half, with Alessandro Del Piero scoring twice and Mario Mandzukic’s cross-field shot having been headed wide by Zlac.

Geno’s next goal came in the second half, but Alessandro Totti’s cross from the left was saved by Milan goalkeeper Paolo Gentiloni.

Juventus were able to extend their lead at the break thanks to Alessandro Zappacosta’s late penalty, and the Italians made it 4-2 on 69 minutes.

Alessandro Mandzuka (left) celebrates with Zlatic Ibrahimovic and Mario Legge (centr) after the goal.

Juventus beat Milan 2-0 on Friday.

Genova: Leonardo Dini (C), Francesco Lotti, Gianluca Pascale, Mario Mandzi, Mario Legges (P)Juventus: Antonio Conconi (C); Gianlucos Pascales, Leonardo Dinardi, Gianluigo Buffon, Alessandro Pascali (P); Alessandro D’Agostini, Francesco Rossi, Marco Calcio, Leonardo Baccarini (S); Marco Zappacia (G)Juve: Marco Zappa (D), Alessandro De Valera, Marco Pascarella, Gian Luigi Gaggio (G), Alessio Cerci, Marco Lazzaro (G); Gianluizare Benedetti (C)Genoa: Gianlucco Bazzarri, Giovanni Perrotta, Giuseppe Martinelli, Andrea Perri, Alessandra Gioia (C).

Juventus: Zlatans Ibrahimovic, Zoltan Ibrahimović, Alessio Rossi, Zlakic, Alesso Pascola (D); Francesco Diamanti, Zaccaria Baccara, Giacomo Pazzoni (D).

Juventus 2-1 Genoa

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