Obama announces michelle ombuas education initiative for the US, Mexico, and Central America, citing economic opportunity

Michelle Obama has announced a national education initiative aimed at educating children in Latin America, and to create opportunities for women.

The US president said on Monday the initiative would provide education opportunities to more than 3.4 million children under 18 and would target girls and boys, both at home and in school.

“The President has long believed that women and girls need the same opportunities that boys and men have,” the White House said in a statement.

The announcement comes after President Barack Obama announced on Monday that he is launching an initiative to provide the next generation of US citizens with the skills to succeed in the workforce.

Obama will work with the US Department of Education, the US Census Bureau and other partners to provide access to educational opportunities to under-represented groups in the US and Latin America.

He said the initiative will be led by the Department of Educatorship, Education and Technology (EDET) in collaboration with the Department and Agency for International Development (USAID).

The initiative will target children in the United States and Mexico and the countries bordering them, with priority given to children in low-income households.

The President also announced that he has appointed Amy M. K. Johnson, the new Assistant Secretary for Education for Education and Human Development, as Assistant Secretary of Education for Women and Girls.

Under her new role, Johnson will lead EDET’s efforts to increase access to education for girls and women, strengthen access to early childhood education, and increase gender equity in STEM education.

While education is a priority for the President, he said his initiatives will focus on increasing access to higher education, ensuring access to health care, and improving opportunities for students in low and moderate income families.

The White House also announced a plan to provide more than $100 million to help schools and communities in low income communities in the first year of the initiative, and another $50 million in the second year.

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